Author: BiTDEPH

BiTDEPH, once a native of Oakland, is now in northern L.A. multimedia artist. BiTDEPH specializes in drone-style musical compositions but also is an active photographer and clay sculpture.

T.A.P. (but don’t touch)

T.A.P. (but don’t touch) is an interactive data-driven installation which was shown at the 2018 If So, What? festival at the Palace of Fine Arts. The installation was created in collaboration with Ajay Kapur, Trey Gilmore, Jesse Garrison, Madeline Falcone, Porsche, CalArts, and the Festival.  


WindBot was created at CalArts as part of a Mechatronics Arts class for exhibition at the 2017 Digital Arts Expo in Valencia, California. WindBot was created in collaboration with Spencer Salazar, Carl Burgin, Mike Leisz, Danny Hynds, and Shaurjya Banerjee.

The Body Without Fatigue

“The Body Without Fatigue” is inspired by a sci-fi chapter of The Imaginary 20th Century, about improving the neurasthenic body to withstand the shocks of modernism. The mini-roman structure functions as an automated rolodex containing newly created archive prints that have been generated by an artificial neural network. The image process is a time-based experience suggesting a…

Digital Love

Digital Love is an installation in which two Raspberry Pis fall in love and scour wikipedia for information about their newfound emotions. The discovery of each lover is displayed on a CRT TV while the digital entity reads its findings aloud. Digital Love was shown at the 2017 Digital Arts Expo in Valencia California.  

The Voltage Slammer

The Voltage Slammer V1 The Voltage Slammer is not only a mechanism for controlling circuit bent electronics but is additionally a platform for assisting in the activity of circuit bending. This project is part of an ongoing exploration in controlling circuit bent toys, video game consoles, and instruments with Arduino powered interfaces. The Voltage Slammer…


The Retrono interface is an appropriated video game console which is repackaged to facilitate a completely new and unconventional interaction schema between the device and interactee. The interface exposes, highlights, and reveals the internal circuitry of the device, ironically disguising it from recognition and liberating it from the uses of its past life. The Retrono…

Modular SNES

The Modular SNES is a modified Super Nintendo Entertainment System that is hacked and circuit bent using an Arduino Nano microcontroller. The Modular SNES utilizes the same approach of via-based hardware bending for finding and exploiting the SNES consoles. The Modular SNES, however, does not only provide a path to ground for these bends, but…