Category: Installations

T.A.P. (but don’t touch)

T.A.P. (but don’t touch) is an interactive data-driven installation which was shown at the 2018 If So, What? festival at the Palace of Fine Arts. The installation was created in collaboration with Ajay Kapur, Trey Gilmore, Jesse Garrison, Madeline Falcone, Porsche, CalArts, and the Festival.  

The Body Without Fatigue

“The Body Without Fatigue” is inspired by a sci-fi chapter of The Imaginary 20th Century, about improving the neurasthenic body to withstand the shocks of modernism. The mini-roman structure functions as an automated rolodex containing newly created archive prints that have been generated by an artificial neural network. The image process is a time-based experience suggesting a…

Digital Love

Digital Love is an installation in which two Raspberry Pis fall in love and scour wikipedia for information about their newfound emotions. The discovery of each lover is displayed on a CRT TV while the digital entity reads its findings aloud. Digital Love was shown at the 2017 Digital Arts Expo in Valencia California.  

No Humans Allowed

No Humans Allowed is a collection of installations and performances that is an ongoing exploration in the design of mechatronic personalities and unconventional human-robot interaction modalities. No Humans Allowed is a multi-stage meta project that first consists of building a group mechatronic personalities. The second stage consists of performances with the mechatronic personalities while the final stage…


Yin~Yang is an interactive, audio-visual installation that examines balance and friction between two opposing forces. The meta-project Yin~Yang has been shown several times in 2015-16 with each iteration drawing from different source material to create a varying, yet unified, experience. While the underlaying media and exact presentation varies from gallery to gallery, Yin~Yang is always bound together…