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Contact and Links – Nathan Villicaña-Shaw
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Contact and Links


nathanshawsemail [at] gmail [dot] com




Here are some links to people, places and things I find inspiration from or am indebted to. May they be inspiration for you as well.

  • Ajay Kapur : My undergraduate and graduate mentor at CalArts,  a revolutionary instrument builder, inventor, and digital artist.
  • Owen Vallis : My graduate mentor at CalArts, brilliant programmer, instrument builder, researcher, and creative technologist.
  • Perry Cook : Brilliant mind and innovator in vocal synthesis. Longtime professor at Princeton, Stanford and permanent guest lecturer for MTIID at CalArts.
  • Trimpin : Unparalleled knowledge and skill in instrument building and kinetic museum installations. Trimpin is a  true genius (really he won the MacArther Genius Grant) and permanent guest artist for MTIID at CalArts.
  • Tom Jennings : OG programmer, anarchist, artist, and brilliant teacher.
  • Elon Musk : The model entrepreneur. Building companies that change the world one after another.
  • Kurt James Werner :  master circuit bender, programmer and digital artist who pushes the envelope of every field he touches.
  • Kevin Darrah : One of the best teachers of advanced programming and engineering techniques i have found. He makes all his videos for free and because he loves it. Really the best of YouTube.
  • Jonathan Mann : Amazing artist who’s past projects include writing an opera about the Mario Brothers records a music video for an original song every single day. He has been at it for at least five years. The ultimate creative mind.
  • Spencer Salazar : The main developer for the ChucK programming language, brilliant computer scientist, electronic musician and temporary professor for the MTIID department in Spring 2015.
  • Louis and Bebe Baron : The couple made ill conceived audio circuits and recorded the circuitry throughout its often short lifespan. Bebe curated the sounds and the couple used the material to create the very first electronic music score for a feature length film as well as much other wonderful music. In my opinion some of the very first circuit benders.
  • Christina Kubisch : Creator of the Electrical Walks and a huge source of inspiration for many of my electromagnetic themes installations.
  • Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand : Truly modern artists Evelina and Dmitry’s work exposes interstellar phenomenon as the wondrous oddities that they are. Their work is one of the largest sources of inspiration for my own installations.
  • Kadenze : An amazing resource for online MOOC style creative arts education as well as my current workplace. 
  • CalArts : My school and the home to so many amazing artists; instructors and students alike.
  • MTIID : My current program at CalArts.
  • CCRMA : An amazing audio research lab at Stanford University that is worth spending some time with. The birthing place of ChucK among other things.
  • Karmetik : The artistic think-tank responsible for the Machine Orchestra.
  • NIME : The conference for New Instruments for Musical Expression; spend some time looking through the archives and you will we inspired to keep working at your best.
  • Instructables : The most amazing online community of builders/makers/programmers.
  • CNMAT : Another amazing audio research lab housed in UC Berkeley.