Visual Programming

I have developed a variety of generative, computational, and interactive visual programs both for the gallery and corporate office. This post provides a brief sampling of some of the artistic visual programs I have developed. If you are interested in seeing more, feel free to take a look at these, and other, programming projects on my github.

Interactive Particle System

My first project working with Open Frameworks was creating an interactive particle system. The system is quite simple and only provides bare bone control options, but sometimes less is more.

Interactive Dot Cloud

The Interactive Dot Cloud is slightly more complex as it links together all of the particles in the system into a cloud.


Inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the Canadian artist Norman McLaren’s work Lignes Verticales, lines is a simple, yet hypnotizing audio visualizer. Lines consists of an array of vertical lines and its counterpart array of horizontal lines. I pull in audio from the users laptop microphone to change the number of lines in each array as well as their relative size and color. One array of lines will become black when it is silent while the other is fully white. Besides that one exception the audio is mapped equally to both sets of lines.

Slit Scan (Radial, Vertical and Horizontal)

Using Open Frameworks I have created a suite of “Slit Scan” programs that are able to read a video file and then display the output with a  visual effect similar to slit scan photography. The program does not display all of the video frame at the same time but instead displays multiple frames on different sections of the screen; allowing the viewer to see multiple moments of time. What makes the slit vertical, horizontal or radial is dependent on the orientation of the slit.




Color Ghost

Color Ghost is a simple Quartz Composer composition that exploits the tracer object that comes pre-loaded in Quartz. Video data is pulled from the users webcam and is buffered for a few frames. An LFO slowly shifts the hue of the traces drawn.

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Modern Art Generator

Modern Art Generator uses weighted random walk algorithms to move circles and squares around the screen. Instant Art!!!

The program generated stark geometric ‘modern’ art according to the users mouse placement on the screen. When the user is happy with the composition they are able to click the left mouse button to save a .jpg of the canvas to the desktop. There are three classes of shapes that meander around the canvas in the general direction of the users mouse. There are circles, lines, and squares: all of which follow a modified random walk algorithm that is weighted by each objects distance from the users mouse. The background is usually black but about 5% of the time it flashes white and you are able to capture those shots if you are quick enough.

Modern Art You

The next iteration of the Modern Art Generator was the Modern Art You program which hacked into its host computers webcam to provide Warhol backgrounds for the generative art featured in the foreground. The users laptops built in webcam is used to take a picture every second. The new picture is randomly tinted before being displayed in one of the programs four quadrants.

Vector Art Generator

This project soon evolved into the Vector Art Generator which featured a wireless iOS OSC controller. The touch OSC patch allows the user to control various aspects of the art generation process.